A unique CD-Screen type column has been developed for separation of ionic cyclodextrin derivatives. The commercial name of this column is CD-Screen-IEC.

The chromatogram below demonstrates excellent separation power of CD-Screen-IEC column. The sample is a sulfobutylether-beta-cyclodextrin with degree of substitution 6.5 (SBECD, DS=6.5). The impurities (hydroxybutanesulfonic acid, HBSA; beta-cyclodextrin, BCD and 4,4’-oxybutane-1,1’-disulfonic acid, DBSA) are definitely separated from the cyclodextrin components.


The same HPLC method was suitable for determination of DS, component distribution and quantitative determination of impurities (BCD, HBSA and DBSA).


Modifying the HPLC method, quantification of degradation products is can be solved.


Product code Description
CDS-IEC-1504-03 CD-Screen-IEC, 3u, 150×4 mm
CDS-IEC-2504-05 CD-Screen-IEC, 5u, 250×4 mm